What we do


All Nations of the world must be reached for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Quality Worship

We make our worship a quality one to the Lord in every meetings.

Undiluted word of God

We Preached undiluted word of God, rightly teaching the word to nourish your Spiritman.


We Perform Christian Social Responsibility services to our various communities and less priviledges.

e - Church

We go beyond the four corners of our auditorium to reach out to as many as possible through our online platforms.

Raising Younger Generations

We run a better and conducive church for our children to worship God and know more about Him. 

We Strengthen

We strengthen entrepreneurs, businesses and Families with the love of God.

What we care for

We care about bringing new souls to christ.

We lead to Christ, nurtures and groom to be a mature Christian and to have impact in their various sphere of influence.

Quality worship and praise

We lead you to the presence of God with quality worship and praise.

Bringing out the best in your children by teaching them the word of God

Our Children are well trained under the Leadership of our Mummy Region, Pst. Mrs Ayo Ajibade and tutoring of our well trained Teachers.

Our Weekly Service

Sunday Service

First Service- 7:45am – Second Services- 9:00am

Digging Deep


Faith Clinic


Power Touch and Revival Service

Every Third Week of every Month.

Wednesday 5:00pm -Thursday 5:00pm-Friday 10:00pm